Work Cartier

Customized Media is the production and event partner for Cartier Benelux & Scandinavia. In 2020, we collaborated on the highly anticipated end of year campaign for the Cartier boutiques in The Netherlands as well as for boutiques abroad. Production involved, among other things, a customized chariot and spacious heated red awnings with Christmas Music from where the world famous customized Cartier grooms would serve Cartier clients hot chocolade, coffee and glühwein.

In the ”Spirit of sharing” Cartier worked together with the foundation ”Het vergeten Kind” (The forgotten Child), for whom the customers of the brand could purchase a book from the bookcase next to the enlarged jewelry box, to donate to the foundation. Cartier collected these books in the enlarged jewelry boxes. Furthermore Customized Media was responsible for desired decorations and additional services inside the boutiques during this festive holiday season.